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This legal notice relates to the website. All content on this website is the property of the Agency for Radwaste Management, Ljubljana (hereinafter: ARAO) and is of an informative nature.   

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Limited liability

ARAO accepts no liability for the use of the website or for any damage caused by the use of online content contained therein. ARAO will endeavour to ensure that the information is accurate. ARAO may change any content at any time without an obligation to inform users, and shall not be liable for the consequences of these changes. 

ARAO may not be held liable for the temporary non-functioning of the website, any inaccuracies of the information or any damages arising from the use of erroneous or deficient information, and therefore shall not be liable for any damage or inconvenience arising from the existence of the website, access to and/or use and/or inability to use the information on the website and/or any errors or deficiencies in its content, irrespective of whether they were notified of the possibility of such damage. 

The ARAO website contains certain links to other sites which are in no way affiliated with ARAO. ARAO cannot guarantee, or receive or send complaints regarding, the accuracy of the content of any website to which it provides a link, nor shall it assume any responsibility pertaining to the protection of the data on such websites. 

Limitations on the right to use content

Users may dispose of the content at for their own use. In doing so, they may not violate copyright provisions. The authors of content are not responsible for any adverse consequences arising from its use. 

All information published on the website (text, photographs, sketches, maps and plans) are copyright-protected under the Copyright and Related Rights Act (Uradni list RS, 21/1995 with addenda). It may be used only for educational and non-commercial uses, with such use preserving all stated warnings about copyright and other rights. It may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes. ARAO must be stated as the source on all forms of reproduction (copying, reproduction, publication, transfer). 

ARAO reserves the right to modify, add or remove content published on this website at any time and in any way, in part or in full, for any reason and without prior notice. All users shall use all published content at their own risk. 

Privacy protection

ARAO shall handle all the data collected on the website in accordance with the applicable laws.