Long-term surveillance of the uranium mining and milling waste repositories

The Jazbec mine tailings repository is an environmentally remediated and closed facility with disposed naturally occurring radioactive material in higher quantities.

The disposal of radioactive waste is the final phase of its management. Even after a repository is closed, the facility must continue to be monitored and the maintained in the state achieved by environmental remediation to ensure the integrity and stability of the repository and provide permanent protection of the environment and the population against the consequences of past uranium ore mining.

Radioactively contaminated material was produced during the mining and processing of uranium at the Žirovski Vrh uranium mine and the closure of the mine and the ore-processing facility. This material has been disposed at two repositories at the Žirovski Vrh site. The Boršt hydrometallurgical tailings repository is in the final phase of the closure process, which is being carried out by the RŽV d.o.o. public company. The Jazbec mining waste pile is an environmentally remediated, closed facility with national infrastructure facility status. ARAO is responsible for its management, long-term surveillance and maintenance as a compulsory national public utility service.

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